Artisan (HK) is a leading design and development boutique with strong interests in the chemical dispensing solution industry (focus on Motorized Sprayer, Power Sprayer, Electric Sprayaer, Battery Sprayer, Sprayer Wand development and manufacturing), artisan aim to become an industry leader by featuring products of high quality, stylish design and user-friendly function.

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We improves your lawn care, garden care, pets control, insect control, mildew controlled through innovative soludtions and exceptional severice that meet your needs, adds comfort and safety into your lawn and garden, your home.

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A simple trigger switch replaces the hand pump and allows the user to spray without excessive hand pumping. “One Touch Motorized Sprayer eliminates Pumping.”  “Easy-Touch Power Button”… Great for relief from continuous pumping and tired cramped hands.  The customer is demanding convenience. Consumer’s willingness to spend on products that offer quicker, more pleasant cleaning.

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Features & Benefits:

· No more hand cramps

· saves time cleaning up

· less mess

· fits almost every household bottle

· pulsing stream shoots up to 8 feet

· Mist spray at up to 3 feet.

· sprays at any angle(even upside down)



· Home. Kitchen & Bath-Windows, Bath & Shower cleaners, Room fresheners, Carpet/Pet deodorizer, Mildew-Cides, Disinfectants, Germicides, Furniture Polishes.

· Lawn & Garden-Water-Mist Plants, Liquid Fertilizer, Plant Food, Weed Killer, Pesticides, Mildew-Cides

· Auto, Marine, RV- Glass cleaner, Spray-On Waxes, Tire & Vinyl cleaner, protectants, Upholstery and Leather Cleaner & Conditioners

Janitorial- Most cleaning chemicals for large areas; Hospitals, disinfectants, Room Fresheners, Germicides, Hair Styling, Hairspray, conditioner and Water Mist…Pool side: Mist On Suntan Lotion, Sunscreen, Water Mist.

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Our Vision

We continually innovate new, unique, quality and affordable products. While focusing on safety, interaction, and simplification of them.

Our Values

We strive to provide eco-friendly products, outstanding customer service, value-added products that enhance the users' experience.

Sprayer Operation Vedio link as below for your easy reference:

wand style sprayer operation vedio